"The Digital Universe Logo"

The logo for the Digital Universe was created entirely on the Amiga and has a few years of history behind it.

Before the internet became common place it was difficult to get hold of Digital Universe in the UK so I contacted the author Dan Charrois about bulk ordering copies for Amiga using astronomers in the UK. This was a long time before I became involved in porting the OS4 version.

One thing the CD lacked was some sort of cover so with Dan's permission I created one using Digita's "Wordworth" to print out and send along with the CDs as a little extra.

The original CD cover was used as a basis for the current logo, seperate elements from this were printed from Wordworth as a postcript file and then "printed" as several image files, enhanced and re-combined using ImageFX.

The deep sky images were taken by myself while on holiday in Portugal at the COAA in 1995 using a Starlight Express CCD camera connected to the COAA's 20" reflecting telescope. Of course there was no Amiga software for such cameras but the producer of the SX cameras was also on holiday at the same time and sent me some BASIC code so I could process the raw images myself at home using my Amiga 1200. I wrote using HiSoft BASIC, a programme AmiPix, which I used to generate and process the CCD images.

The images are as follows, Messier 20 "The Trifid Nebula", Messier 17 "The Swan Nebula" and NGC 7006 a compact globular cluster in the constellation of Delphinus.