3D Stars is automatically registered to users of The Digital Universe.

Unlike The Digital Universe, which has been optimized for accuracy at the expense of speed, 3DStars is written to perform its required calculations extremely quickly, ignoring many subtle effects on the apparent position of objects that are really only important in accurate Earth-based views of the sky. 3DStars is capable of rendering the appearance of the sky at several frames per second.

For maximum effect, turn off the lights and enjoy using the simulation to discover the universe from a whole new perspective! Even better, if you get hold of a pair of Red/Blue 3D glasses you will optionally be able to view our local galactic region in glorious 3D. NB. This assumes that you have eyes a few light-years apart rather than just a few cm !

3D Stars Registration if not a Digital Universe owner

Note: If you already have a registered copy of The Digital Universe you do NOT need to register your copy of 3D Stars, you will automatically be able to use the registered version.

The unregistered version is essentially the same as the registered version but with the following limitations.

  1. The About Window shows the text "Unregistered Version".
  2. Every so often the Reset Stars and About windows show.
    Press Cancel in the Reset Stars window to continue the application.
    (note: pressing Use will reset conditions back to the start values)

Registration is by donation, you decide what you think registering is worth. Keyfiles will be sent by email.

Register Using PayPal: